Next Level Results

What We Do

What We Do

Over the past decade, the responsibility and pressure to produce monetary resources and grassroots support for political campaigns has exponentially increased.

AMP will significantly increase your legislative footprint and fundraising efficiency and receipts. Our boutique firm is driven by results. Our custom, curated strategy will amplify your voice and produce tangible wins.

The Difference

The Difference

No firm has the direct expertise that we offer.

No firm employs individuals who have increased PAC receipts 400% or raised Members of Congress over $50 million dollars in 10 years. We will use our inside expertise of what we have done and seen and give you the tools and strategies that no other firm or internal hire can offer. We see the entire board and what has stood out and what works and what has failed.

We save time. We save money. We produce tangible wins.

By hiring AMP, you don’t move the needle. You ARE the needle.

We have seen first-hand the many layers to building a successful advocacy plan but contracting with separate vendors for each fragments your message. AMP was founded because too many firms overpromise and under-deliver while offering one-sided services.

Advocacy is a ladder

...and we will be with you on your climb to help you achieve comprehensive next level results.

Who We Are

Who We Are

AMP was founded on a simple principle: Results. Results count. Results drive us. Results are what we show perspective clients to illustrate why they need to be with us, and not someone else. Results are everything. We use results as the foundation of our company. Results are measured daily, weekly and quarterly as a barometer of our success. We regard each client like they are a member of our family.

To achieve your goals, we have hired an elite team that is disciplined, aggressive and dedicated. You will not find a more comprehensive partnership that encompasses any need or idea to elevate your organizational goals. We offer a unique perspective because we have been inside Congressional offices, the internal PAC structure and outside with the Member of Congress campaign structure to give you the best results and freshest ideas.

We have seasoned policy veterans, regulatory and compliance specialists, data analysts, digital and design experts that can work within the culture of your organization to AMP up your advocacy efforts.

Stacie Monroe

Stacie Monroe has 14 years of PAC, lobbying, and grassroots experience. In her roles she has increased PAC participation by over 400%, raised over $15 million for PACs, executed independent expenditures for seven election cycles and launched a corporate donor program that generated multiple six figure donations. She also founded and chairs the Physician and Dentist Candidate Workshop, which has trained over 500 doctors on how to run for elective office. In 2019, Stacie received the Public Affairs Council National Outstanding Association PAC Award.

“We have spent our careers lobbying, fundraising, increasing receipts and engagements. We believe there is no tool more powerful than PACs to enhance your legislative efforts. PACs are the most transparent, regulated entities that allow corporations & associations to collectively move the needle. We will work non-stop to amplify the power and clout of your PAC. ”


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